Shadow Skill

Shadow Skill
Shadow Skill: Epilogue

Story: Anisearch
“Epilogue” ist weder ein Epilog, noch ein Prolog, es spielt während der Zeit der TV-Serie.
Die OVA ist jedoch ein wichtiger Teil der Geschichte… sie wurde aber schon veröffentlicht, als der Movie und die TV-Serie noch nicht geplant waren.

Every year, Gau Ban and his adopted sister Elle Lagu visit his parents’ grave, where he can show them his growth and progress as a warrior.
Gau has come a long way in his training as a Sevalle under his sister’s mentoring, but there are those who wish to find a way of eliminating them, just waiting for the right opportunity to mount a deadly attack. As the travellers make their journey, their family bonds and skill will be tested. Opponents are many, and battles are fierce, but Gau’s training also entails taking on his sister in battle, and fully embracing the skills he must learn to defeat his ultimate opponent.

Größe: 460 MB
Format: avi
Auflösung: 640×480
Codec: XViD
Episoden: 1
Year: 1995

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